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AQUARIUM SYSTEMS - Reef Evolution Salt - 22kg

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Reef Evolution Salt has been specifically designed to meet the needs of reef aquariums with a moderate fish population. It offers a regular supply of trace elements, calcium, magnesium and alkalinity. Enriched with food for beneficial bacteria , amino acids and vitamins , it supports the biological processes in your aquarium, promoting optimal coral growth and coloring as well as the health of your fish. Reef Evolution salt is suitable for continuous use and for the installation of new aquariums.

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Dissolve the required amount of salt in RO water, 35-37 grams of salt dissolved in 1 liter will give you a specific gravity between 1024-1025 at a temperature of 25° Celsius. Shake until completely dissolved.

We recommend a water change of 10% of the total water volume every 1-2 weeks.

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