AQUA MEDIC - Plankton light reactor PRO - Phytoplankton reactor

Plankton Light Reactor PRO from AQUA MEDIC is ideal for producing your own plankton easily and efficiently. With a volume of approximately 50 liters , this reactor allows you to cultivate microalgae, fertilizer and carbon dioxide. These microalgae can then feed your filter-feeding animals or be used for zooplankton cultivation. Its integrated 50 W LED lighting ensures optimal brightness, guaranteeing rapid reproduction of algae. In 24 hours, the mass of algae can quadruple if the nutrient conditions are right. This reactor is equipped with an air intake and a regulation valve , as well as a pipe with a valve to facilitate the sampling of plankton.

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The advantages and information of the Plankton light reactor PRO from Aqua Medic

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A simplified cultivation system

The Plankton Light Reactor PRO simplifies plankton cultivation with its intuitive design and integrated features. With a filling volume of 50 liters, it provides enough space for substantial microalgae production. The system uses a combination of LED light, fertilizer and CO2 to promote rapid and efficient algae growth. For aeration, we recommend our Mistral 2000 II air pump or larger models.

High-performance LED lighting

Equipped with 50 W LED lighting with a color temperature of 6,200 K, the Plankton Light Reactor PRO ensures sufficient brightness for optimal photosynthesis. This powerful light allows algae to multiply rapidly, quadrupling their mass in just 24 hours if conditions are ideal.

Ease of collection

Thanks to its hose equipped with an adjustment valve, collecting plankton becomes child's play. Whether you want to directly feed your filter-feeding animals or cultivate zooplankton, this system makes plankton extraction quick and efficient, without compromising the quality of your production.

AQUA MEDIC - Plankton light reactor PRO - Phytoplankton reactor

Versatility of use

The Plankton Light Reactor PRO is extremely versatile. It allows the cultivation of both seawater and freshwater algae, phytoplankton and zooplankton. For aeration, it is recommended to use a suitable air pump, such as the Mistral 2000 II, to ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen and CO2.

Technical data

  • Ø approx. 300 mm, acrylic
  • total height: approx. 1,250 mm, lighting included
  • LED lighting approx. 50 W, ˜ 6,200 K - installation surface: approx. 500 x 500mm
  • hose connection for air supply: 10/14 mm
  • including control valve with PVC pipe (20/24)

Scope of delivery

  • plankton light reactor PRO
  • 50 W LED lighting with MEAN WELL power supply
  • 2 m PVC pipe for air supply with adjustment valve (10/14)
  • 1 m of PVC pipe with adjustment tap (20/24)
  • power transformer 230 V/50 Hz


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