AQUATLANTIS - Mini BioBox 1 - Internal filter for aquariums up to 40 liters

The Mini BIOBOX® 1 is an internal filter system with EasyBox filter media for aquariums up to 40 liters. The filter is equipped with an EasyFlux 200 pump with a flow rate of 230 L/H and 3.5 watts which is very energy efficient. The filter media provide highly effective biological, mechanical and chemical filtration performing a complete cleaning of the water, retaining harmful substances that can be harmful to fish and plants.

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Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.7x7x23.5cm
Aquarium volume up to ≤ 40L
Refills EasyBox® 3× XS

EASYBOX® filter refills

Filter refills for BIOBOX® filters that act in the cleaning of water, leaving it in an optimal state for the well-being of fish and plants. Each type of refill has a specific function in the treatment and cleaning of water, existing in various sizes.

Video of the Aquatlantis Biobox filter:


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