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Discover the MAXSPECT Smart Lagoon LS-060 , a 122 liter reef aquarium that is revolutionizing the world of marine aquariums. This complete set, combining modern design and advanced technology, is perfect for enthusiasts wishing to create a marine ecosystem with ease. It is equipped with a lift pump, mixing pump and a skimmer . Thanks to the Syna-G Cloud application, control all your equipment from your smartphone or tablet, for an unparalleled user experience. The anti-corrosion aluminum cabinet ensures robustness and durability, while the integrated decantation offers optimal filtration.

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The advantages and information of the Smart Lagoon LS-060 aquarium

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Key Features of the Smart Lagoon LS-060

  • Smart management : Control all equipment via the Syna-G Cloud mobile app.
  • Lift pump : MAXSPECT Turbine Duo TD-6K with a flow rate of 6500 liters/hour.
  • Brewing pump : MAXSPECT Jump MJ-GF2K with a flow rate of 7000 liters/hour.
  • High-performance skimmer : MAXSPECT MJ-SK400 with an air flow of 1000 liters/hour.
  • Robust furniture : Aircraft quality aluminum with anti-corrosion coating.
  • Finishing panels : Resistant and waterproof, coated with PVC.
  • Optimized decantation : Compartments for filtration, skimming, lift pump and refuge.
  • Filling system : Mechanical for evaporation compensation.
  • Integrated sensors : Connected water level and temperature.
  • Separation lids : Reduced noise and evaporation.
  • Surface combs : Modular for better water flow.
  • Descent adjustment valve : Precise adjustment of water level.

A main tank with an ingenious design

The aquarium tank is made of 10mm thick ultra-white glass, ensuring exceptional clarity and strength. Modular surface combs and adjustable water discharges allow you to customize the water flow to the specific needs of your reef. With the descent adjustment valve, you can precisely adjust the water level and downward flow, ensuring an optimal environment for your corals and fish.

technical part Nyos Opus

Total and intelligent control

The MAXSPECT Smart Lagoon LS-060 allows you to manage all your equipment directly from your smartphone or tablet using the Syna-G Cloud application. This app brings all your devices together on a single platform, making it easy to monitor and control your aquarium. Whether it's stirring, skimming or temperature, everything is accessible at your fingertips for simplified and efficient management.

control of Nyos Opus

control of Nyos Opus

A solid and durable piece of furniture

The aquarium rests on a piece of aircraft-grade aluminum furniture, known for its robustness and lightness. Covered with an anti-corrosion coating, this piece of furniture is designed to last over time and resist the humid conditions of an aquatic environment. Waterproof PVC finishing panels add a touch of sophistication while ensuring optimal protection against water.

Smart Lagoon Furniture

Decantation designed for performance

The decant of the MAXSPECT Smart Lagoon LS-060 is a true masterpiece of design. Equipped with specific compartments for filtration, skimming and the lift pump, it optimizes each stage of water treatment. The mechanical filling and evaporation compensation system ensures water level stability, thus reducing manual interventions. Noise and evaporation limiting covers add an extra dimension of comfort.

control of Nyos Opus

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Technical data: Smart Lagoon LS-060

dimensions Lagoon LS-060

Lagoon Series Aquarium Features LS-060
Equipment Gyre Brewing Pump 1X Jump MJ-GF2K
Lift pump Duo 6K Turbine
Protein skimmer MJ-SK400
Mechanical filtration with Micron bag 2 units
Lighting No, optional
Functioning Integrated central controller managed by the Syna-G Cloud app (iOS, Android) and power supply Yes
Power supply 150W x2, 24V6A x2
Electrical connection and storage Suspended electrical box
Aquarium and sump temperature monitoring Yes
Water level sensor Yes
Integrated comb surface settling Yes
Micron bag compartment Yes
Adjustable height of skimmer compartment panel Yes
Osmosis water tank 6L
Water filling system integrated by float in the sump Yes
Aquarium Thickness of ultra-clear front and side glass 10mm
Butted bonding Yes
Finger-jointed bonding with reinforced joint No
Volume of the aquarium including the settling chamber 122L
Length 60cm
Width 50cm
Height 50cm
Water height 44cm
Sump Sump volume 68L
Length 47cm
Width 45cm
Height 39.5cm
Furniture Aluminum furniture structure with anti-corrosion coating. Yes
Furniture panels treated against humidity Yes
Length 60cm
Width 50cm
Height 87cm
Dimensions Aquarium volume + sump 190L
Height of furniture + aquarium 137cm

dimensions Lagoon LS-060


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