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Turbine for professional 3rd, professional 5th 350/450/700, professional 5th 600T

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With EHEIM fish food you can feed your fish optimally and make them happy with less water pollution.

EHEIM fish food is professionally prepared. It consists mainly of natural and fresh ingredients and contains proteins and fats, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements in the correct proportions. Most importantly, the proportion of indigestible materials (crude fiber and raw ash) is minimal. This means that the food is easier to digest, there will be less excrement and the water will be less polluted, because there will be no leftover food that can cause pollution or clouds. Due to the natural binding properties of the raw materials, food retains its shape and water remains crystal clear. EHEIM food is tasty and goes a long way. Your fish will love it - and so will you.


High-quality complete food in tablet form for all herbivorous ornamental freshwater fish that live primarily on the ground and feed mainly on plants and/or algae. The food is based on very easily digestible plant ingredients and fresh sea algae. Essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements promote vitality, growth and resistance. The tabs sink quickly and can be placed so that you can easily observe the fish while eating.


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Fresh kelp
Wheat flour


Crude protein 35.00%
Raw fat 14.00%
Raw fiber 1.00%
Raw ashes 9.00%
E 161g 600.00 mg
Ascorbyl monophosphate 800.00 mg
Vitamin A acetate 14.00 iu
Vitamin D3 2.00 iu
Vitamin E 680.00 mg
Vitamin B12 50.00 mcg
Riboflavin 20.00 mg
Niacin 100.00 mg
Inositol 100.00 mg
Whole salmon
Pacific Code
All Hering
Whole shrimp


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