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SEATAK - Glue for Corals and Rocks - 280g

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SEATAK glue for corals and rocks is the revolutionary solution for all your marine aquarium needs . Inspired by the exceptional adhesion of mussels , this underwater glue uses shell polymers to create a durable, non-toxic bond once cured . Perfectly suited to reef restoration and aquarium decoration, SEATAK glue is easy to handle, effective underwater and provides strong and fast adhesion. Whether for fixing coral fragments or assembling decorative rocks, this glue is essential for all underwater projects.

  • Durable, non-toxic bonding inspired by mussels.
  • Easy to use underwater, immediate effectiveness.
  • Ideal for reef restoration and decoration.

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The benefits and information of SEATAK Coral and Rock Glue

Seatak - Revolutionary Aquarium Glue

Membership Inspired by Nature

SEATAK Glue is designed to mimic the incredible bonding strength of molds. This technology creates a strong adhesive that sticks firmly to surfaces in your aquarium, providing a perfect solution for permanently attaching corals and rocks. This environmentally friendly method ensures the safety of your underwater installations while promoting effective ecological restoration.

Easy Underwater Application

Specifically formulated for use underwater, SEATAK glue is extremely practical for all your aquatic projects. It begins to harden on contact with water, allowing rapid application and strong initial adhesion, ideal for rapid and effective interventions in the aquarium.

perfectly matches any interior decor.

Versatility and Security

This glue is not only powerful, it is also non-toxic after curing, ensuring the safety of marine life in your aquarium. Its versatility allows you to use SEATAK for a variety of projects, including fixing stony corals or creating complex rock structures.

Practical Usage Tips

With SEATAK, the application process is simple. Prepare the surfaces, apply the glue with a spatula or directly from the tube, and allow to harden under water. The product is designed to work quickly, which is essential when handling in an aquatic environment. Follow the instructions for optimal results and increased durability in your aquarium.

How quickly does SeaTak cure?

Working time: 30 minutes

Sea-Tak is non-toxic once cured. The curing process begins as soon as SeaTak is exposed to water.

The SeaTak remains flexible for the first 30 minutes. If a fragment falls off, the adhesive can be reworked onto the cap and the fragment can be repositioned in the adhesive. During this time, the fragments should be placed in a very low flow area.

Soft setting time: 60 to 90 minutes

SeaTak will form a thin outer layer. At this point the adhesive will no longer be sticky to the surface but will be somewhat soft underneath. The fragments must remain under low flow during this period.

Firm setting time: 2 to 4 hours

The adhesive will begin to become firm and will be difficult to compress with your finger. Fragments can be moved to an area of medium current if desired.

Full drying time: 3-4 days

In 6 to 12 hours, the adhesive will reach a strength greater than that of rock. SeaTak will continue to cure for several days and will reach a tensile strength of 1,500 PSI after approximately 3-4 days.

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