ICHIPOND - Bio-Clear - 500ml - Water flocculant for ponds

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Discover ICHIPOND Bio-Clear , the revolutionary pond water clarifier . Thanks to its formula, it transforms cloudy water into a crystalline setting, while strengthening the filtration of your pool . Enjoy clear water all summer long, without any danger for your fish and aquatic plants.

  • Crystal Clear Water: Makes your pool crystal clear in the blink of an eye.
  • Reinforced Action: Grouping of particles for optimal filtration.
  • Respect for Nature: Safe for flora and fauna.

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The advantages of the product ICHIPOND - Bio-Clear - 500ml

Garden pond with clear water - ICHIPOND - Bio-Clear - 500ml

Exceptional clarity in all seasons

Don't let murky water spoil the beauty of your pond. Thanks to ICHIPOND Bio-Clear, benefit from transparent water , whether green, brown or whitish. Ideal before rising temperatures, this clarifier will be your best ally in preserving the serenity of your aquatic space.

An ally for your filter

In addition to providing you with clear water, Bio-Clear plays a vital role in optimizing the mechanical filtration of your pond. By grouping together all the floating particles, it makes the work of your filter easier, making it more efficient and durable.

Cutting-edge technology

Equipped with a dual action of flocculation and enzymatic biodegradation, Bio-Clear acts quickly against cloudy water , while reducing biofilm on the walls. It first degrades nutrients, permanently binding suspended matter, for a lasting and visible result.

Easy and safe use

With its 500ml format, Bio-Clear can treat up to 50,000 liters . Follow the instructions for shock or maintenance treatment, and rely on its respectful composition. Simply store between 10 and 25°C and enjoy its benefits for 24 months.

Advice for using the product ICHIPOND - Bio-Clear - 500ml

  • In shock treatment: 100ml/10 m³ to be distributed over the surface of the pool.
  • For maintenance: 100ml/20 m³ every 15 days.


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