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EASY LIFE - GreenScape - 500ml - Universal fertilizer with NPK

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EASY LIFE GreenScape fertilizer is the perfect ally for freshwater aquariums, specially designed for aquascaping. With its highly concentrated NPK formula , it delivers all essential nutrients in just one application: nitrate, phosphate, potassium, iron, manganese and a variety of vital trace minerals. GreenScape stimulates plant growth by enlarging their leaves and intensifying their coloring, creating a lush and vibrant aquarium. This fertilizer is ideal for aquariums with lots of plants and few or no fish.

  • Enlarged leaves and intense colors.
  • Complete and stabilized NPK formula.
  • Ideal for aquascaping with few fish.

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The advantages and information of GreenScape from Easy Life

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Larger leaves and vibrant colors

GreenScape is specially formulated to promote leaf growth and intensify their color. By providing a balanced blend of nutrients, this fertilizer helps plants develop larger leaves and display more vibrant colors. Your aquatic plants will not only survive, they will thrive, transforming your aquarium into a true underwater garden.

Complete and balanced formula

GreenScape combines all the necessary nutrients in a single formula. With nitrate, phosphate, potassium, iron and manganese, as well as essential trace minerals like vanadium, cobalt and zinc, this fertilizer provides everything your plants need for healthy, vigorous growth. No need to juggle multiple products anymore, GreenScape takes care of everything.

High concentration and stability

Thanks to its high concentration of nutrients, GreenScape is extremely effective even in small quantities. Its formula is also very well stabilized, which guarantees a continuous and uniform release of nutrients. Your plants thus benefit from a constant supply of nutrients, which promotes regular and sustained growth.

Suitable for aquascaping

GreenScape is ideal for densely planted aquariums with few or no fish. Its formula rich in NPK and microelements is specially designed to support the needs of plants in demanding aquatic environments. For aquascaping enthusiasts, GreenScape is the essential tool for maintaining a balanced and aesthetic ecosystem.


  • 10 ml for 50 liters per week – or 1.5 ml for 50 liters per day
10 ml for 50 liters add: 20 mg/l Nitrate NO3, 2 mg/l Phosphate PO4, 13 mg/l Potassium K, 0.4 mg/l Iron Fe and the necessary trace elements


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