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EASY LIFE - RedScape - 5000ml - Universal fertilizer with NPK

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RedScape from EASY LIFE , the NPK fertilizer for your freshwater aquariums. Specially designed for aquascaping, this product is perfect for aquariums rich in plants but with few or no fish . RedScape combines all essential nutrients in one formula: nitrate, phosphate, potassium, iron, manganese and various vital trace minerals . This highly concentrated and well-stabilized mixture helps intensify the red color of plants by limiting nitrate. RedScape is the ideal ally for an aquarium bursting with health and color.

  • Intensifies the red color of plants.
  • Complete formula with NPK and trace elements.
  • High concentration, well stabilized.

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The benefits and information of Red Scape from Easy Life

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Color intensification

RedScape is designed to give a vibrant red color to your aquatic plants. By limiting the nitrate content, this fertilizer allows the red pigments to fully develop, creating a striking contrast in your aquarium. Your plants will have intense red leaves, embellishing your aquatic decor.

Complete and balanced formula

With RedScape, you get a complete fertilizer that includes all the nutrients needed for optimal plant growth. The mixture contains nitrate, phosphate, potassium, iron, manganese, and many essential trace elements. This all-in-one formula simplifies your aquarium maintenance by ensuring your plants receive all the nutrients they need.

High concentration and stability

RedScape stands out for its high concentration of nutrients, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness with the least amount of product. In addition, its formula is extremely well stabilized, which means that nutrients remain available to plants over an extended period of time, without the risk of imbalance in your aquarium.

Suitable for aquascaping

Specially formulated for aquascaping, RedScape is ideal for densely planted aquariums. It helps maintain a healthy and balanced environment, even in conditions of low fish density. For an extra red effect, RedScape can be used occasionally in addition to GreenScape, another NPK fertilizer from EASY LIFE, which is better suited to long-term use.


  • 10 ml for 50 liters per week – or 1.5 ml for 50 liters per day
10 ml for 50 liters add: 4 mg/l Nitrate NO3, 2 mg/l Phosphate PO4, 3.3 mg/l Potassium K, 0.4 mg/l Iron Fe and the necessary trace elements


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