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AQUARIUM SYSTEMS - Reef Shot Vitamins - 24 x 20ml

With Vitamins Reef Shot give your marine aquarium the boost it deserves. This unique blend of vitamins and immunostimulants is key to a vibrant aquatic ecosystem, providing fish and corals with a smooth transition into their new habitat and increased resilience to environmental stress. Perfect for critical times such as water changes, periods of illness, or simply to revitalize a tired aquarium, Vitamins Reef Shot is your ally for intensified coral colors and a robust fish population.

  • Strengthens the resistance of corals and fish against diseases.
  • Intensifies coral color for a vibrant aquarium.
  • Neutralizes harmful compounds and stabilizes water pH.

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The benefits and information of Reef Shot Vitamins

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A smooth transition

Moving marine organisms to a new environment can be stressful. Vitamins Reef Shot, with its specific blend of vitamins and immunostimulants, facilitates this transition, helping your fish and corals adapt smoothly. This preventive and curative solution is essential to keep your marine inhabitants in great shape, reducing stress and increasing their ability to face new challenges.

Brighter colors, healthier lives

The color intensity of your corals isn't just a matter of aesthetics; it is also an indicator of their well-being. Vitamins Reef Shot gives your corals that extra vitality needed to shine brightly. By boosting disease resistance, it also aids in the recovery of stressed or damaged specimens, ensuring healthy growth and increased longevity in your aquarium.

Protection against harmful elements

It's no secret that water quality is paramount in a marine aquarium. Vitamins Reef Shot acts as a guardian, neutralizing chlorine and chloramine, detoxifying heavy metals, and stabilizing pH. These combined actions create an aquatic environment where your fish and corals can not only survive but truly thrive.

Easy to use, immediate effect

The ease of use of Vitamins Reef Shot is unmatched. Precise dosing and clear instructions take the guesswork out of it, allowing you to focus on what really matters: the health and beauty of your aquarium.

Here are the dosage recommendations for the entire Shot range:

In short

  • Strengthens the resistance of corals and fish against diseases.
  • Intensifies coral color for a vibrant aquarium.
  • Neutralizes harmful compounds and stabilizes water pH.
  • Helps fish and other aquatic organisms adapt to new environments.
  • Promotes the recovery of stressed and damaged corals.
  • Buffers against pH changes and detoxifies heavy metals.
  • Recommended during partial water changes , during disease treatments and in cases of fish stress.
  • Easy to use with clear instructions for precise dosing.

Manufacturer's instructions for use:

Shake well before use.

Standard dose: 1 vial per 100 liters (50 gallons) of seawater every two weeks.

A weekly 10-20% water change with Reef Evolution salt is strongly recommended to maintain optimal water quality.

When adding the product, pour gently into the stream to achieve an even distribution.

Leave 5 minutes between adding any other products. Do not mix different products before measuring them. Direct contact with marine organisms should be avoided as high local concentration may be harmful. Like any chemical product, it must be kept out of the reach of children.


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