ATI - Essentials Pro 1 - 10L - Refill bottle

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ATI Essentials Pro #1 10L is the number 1 method refill bottle ATI Essentials Pro.

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Professional essentials

Essentials pro is a revolutionary care system. Our experience from more than 20,000 seawater analyzes has allowed us to further optimize the recipe for essential success. Essentials pro supplies your aquarium not only with all the main elements (including KH, Ca and Mg), but also with all the essential trace elements (iron, iodine, molybdenum, manganese, vanadium and zinc) and helps to keep them in good condition. permanence. optimal concentration range.

Cleverly combined, no more annoying mixing of elements

With Essentials pro, you replace 3 x 10 liters of classic elements. All relevant elements are already premixed in the two Essentials pro bottles. The concentrate in laboratory quality can also be dosed immediately and does not need to be diluted.

Daily consumption

Your reef aquarium is a unique aquatic ecosystem containing many organisms. All of these organisms constantly extract substances from the aquarium water in order to grow.

Continuity matters

By stocking your aquarium with Essentials pro, you are able to balance the typical consumption of reef inhabitants based on demand and consumption. In this way, the natural values of the water are constantly maintained, which is the cornerstone of any successful reef aquarium.

Only the best for your reef

The production of our water care products is subject to strict monitoring by our own laboratory. Quality assurance helps us select the purest raw materials and leads to a superior final product. With Essentials pro you get one of the purest products available on the market for reef aquariums.

Dosing Basics

Usually the pro essential is consumed in the same measure. In this case, the dosage of Essentials pro 1 and 2 can be adjusted using the KH consumption of your tank. If the calcium value changes over time, the dosage of Essentials pro 2 should be adjusted according to calcium intake.


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