SEACHEM - Matrix 2L - Biological filtration for the elimination of nitrates, nitrites and ammonia

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Matrix 2L from Seachem , your ally for high performance biological filtration. This revolutionary, high porosity filter media provides an incredibly large surface area (>~700 m² per liter) to effectively remove nitrates, nitrites and ammonia from your aquarium . Designed to support aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, Matrix 2L provides simultaneous denitrification without requiring replacement, thanks to its durable, non-degradable structure. Easy to use in all types of filters.

  • Ultra-Extended Surface Area: More than 700 m²/L for exceptional filtration.
  • Supports Denitrification: Simultaneous elimination of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.
  • Long Life: Inert and durable, requires no replacement.

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The benefits and information of Matrix from Seachem

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Maximized Filtration Surface

Matrix 2L stands out for its exceptional contact surface, exceeding 700 m² per liter. This allows for intensive colonization by nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, making the filtration process more efficient and faster than ever. Ideal for maintaining a healthy aquatic environment, Matrix 2L transforms toxic waste into less harmful compounds in the blink of an eye.

Effectiveness of Denitrification

Unlike traditional biomedia, Matrix 2L provides effective removal of nitrates as well as nitrites and ammonia. This ability to support both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria in the same filter facilitates comprehensive nitrogen waste management, essential for fish health and water clarity.

Reduced Maintenance, Long Lasting Results

The inert structure of Matrix 2L ensures its longevity. This biomedia does not degrade over time and does not require replacement, making it an economical and environmentally friendly choice for aquarists. Additionally, it can be rinsed without risking damage to internal beneficial bacteria, simplifying maintenance of your filter.

Compatibility and Flexible Use

Matrix 2L is compatible with all types of filters, but it particularly excels in cartridge filters. Its size eliminates the need for filtration bags for most applications, and it also works well in drip tray systems. Used with Seachem 's Stability® product, Matrix 2L accelerates the establishment of the bio-filter, further improving water quality from the first uses.


Use 250 ml of Matrix™ for every 200 L (50 US gallons)** of water.
Matrix™ can be placed in any type of filter and is particularly effective in a cartridge filter. Matrix™ is large enough that no filter bags are needed for most applications. Matrix™ works well in settling tank systems


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