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FAUNA MARIN - VIB X Marine - 700g - Bacteria on support

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Fauna Marin VIB X Marine is the key to a balanced marine aquarium. This innovative powder contains probiotic bacterial strains designed to attach directly to corals and fish, strengthening their resistance. VIB X stabilizes the microbiota , ensuring a healthy environment for your precious marine organisms. Easy to apply thanks to its special support, VIB X promotes a robust internal flora, effectively fighting against pathogens .

  • Strengthens the resistance of corals and fish.
  • Stabilization of the microbiota for a healthy environment.
  • Easy application with special bacteria support.

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The advantages and information of VIB X from Fauna Marin

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Increased resilience

VIB X Marine from Fauna Marin provides your corals and fish with biological armor. Specific probiotics naturally strengthen their resistance, minimizing the impacts of diseases and environmental stresses, for optimal health.

Microbial balance

Thanks to VIB X, microbiota balance becomes a reality, not an ideal. This advanced formulation ensures the maintenance of beneficial bacterial flora, essential for the overall health of the aquatic ecosystem.

Innovative app

The unique design of VIB X allows direct and efficient assimilation by aquarium organisms, guaranteeing optimal distribution of probiotics. Its special support facilitates this integration, making the process natural and stress-free.

Bacterial competition

VIB X engages in a positive fight in your aquarium, favoring good bacteria to the detriment of harmful ones. This natural control ensures healthy competition, vitalizing the entire marine ecosystem.

Technical data


First dosage:

  • Mix 10 grams with 500 ml of aquarium water per 100 liters.
  • Slowly pour the excess into the aquarium.
  • Repeat this operation at least 4 times.
  • Then eliminate insoluble residues.

Following dosages:

Dose 2 grams per 100 liters daily until symptoms disappear.


  • The product can be dosed over an extended period.
  • When applying, turn off the skimmer and UV/ozone for at least 4 hours.
  • Temporary cloudiness of aquarium water is normal and usually disappears after 2-3 hours.


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