KORALLEN-ZUCHT Zeospur 2 concentrate 500ml

ZEOspur 2 is the result of the constant evolution of our ZEOvit® System. It is the result of our experience in the maintenance of corals with intense colors.

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It is very highly concentrated and we insist on not exceeding the doses recommended on the label: 1ml per 100 liters every 8 to 10 days.

The effect is visible 24 hours after dosing and reaches its peak after 48 hours.
With this solution of trace elements, it is possible to influence the amount of zooxanthellae in coral tissue. The coral itself has more energy for its growth because a lower density of zooxanthellae requires less energy.

– Controls the decrease in zooxanthellae density of Acroporas, Anacroporas or Montiporas.

– The reduction of zooxanthellae in the outer layers of the tissues brings out the colors of the lower layers.

– To keep the color of very colorful corals.

– Recommended in all aquariums.


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