ICHIPOND - Algastop - 500ml - Treatment of algae in ponds

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ICHIPOND Algastop is an effective algaecide against algae in the garden pond. It allows you to quickly find clear water.

This product contains copper and should not be used in the presence of fish sensitive to copper.

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The advantages of the product ICHIPOND - Algastop - 500ml

Garden pond with clear water - ICHIPOND - Bio-Clear - 500ml

Uncompromising effectiveness against algae

Algae can be a real nuisance for our ponds. Algastop is not just a cleaning product: it is armor against these intruders. However, it is good to remember that if Algastop treats the symptom, uncovering the cause remains essential. Remember to analyze the water to measure hardness, nitrates and phosphates.

Simple and effective use

You don't need to be an expert to use Algastop. After shaking the product well, pour it directly into the water, with the filtration running. The dosages? 2L per 100 m3, or a preventive dosage of 1L/100 m3 of water, to be renewed every month.

Advice for using the product ICHIPOND - Algastop - 500ml

  • In shock treatment: 500ml/25 m³ to be distributed over the surface of the pool.
  • For prevention: 500ml/50 m³ once a month.
  • Do not use in the presence of species sensitive to copper.


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