Tunze - Silence Pro 1073.110 - Water pump 11,000 l/h

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The TUNZE ® Silence Pro recovery pump has been specially designed for use as a recovery pump in under-aquarium filtration requiring a high delivery head. It is ideal for use in very large aquariums or for example when the filtration is in the basement and the aquarium in the living room.

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This new booster pump is the synthesis between efficiency and quality, for continuous and maintenance-free operation for many years. It can be used universally in freshwater and seawater aquariums, immersion or external, and like all Silence pumps remains particularly discreet in its operation.

Flow rate: 11,000 l/h
Consumption: 95 - 125W
Hmax: 4.65 m, 1 ½" GAS connections
Voltage : 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz)
Cable length: 3m
Dimensions without fittings and feet: 242 x 120 x 160 mm


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