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Quarterly magazine specializing in marine aquariums: ZebrasO'mag N°64 for the period February, March and April 2023.

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p. 4 Current

p. 6 Tribute
Jake Adams has left us.

p. 10 Applied Science
Coral chimeras.
A quirk of nature more resistant to environmental stresses.

p. 14 Aquariums from elsewhere
The American versus European aquarium market.
Testimony of an expatriate of the "French Touch" aquarist.


p. 20 Brac Reef
Power cuts, a fatality?

p. 24 Logbook
Coastal reefs at LPS.

p. 28 Experience
Prefiltration, tools and strategy.

p. 34 Experience
Beginners, how to start your reef aquarium.


p. 40 Back to basics
The cycles of matter at the heart of the ecosystem.

p. 44 Trend
The cuttings of disillusion.

marine life

p. 48 Rarities

p. 50 Movable
What fish population for the micro-reef?

p. 57 Subscription

p. 58 Reproduction
Reproduction of Pomacanthus maculosus.

p. 62 The Shop
p. 66 Order form


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