Double Ponctuation

Double Ponctuation - Illustrated History of the Aquarium

Illustrated History of the Aquarium is an illustrated novel by German author Bernd Brunner. Discover the whole history of the aquarium and the aquarium hobby from the beginning. From the secrets of the ocean, to cabinets of curiosities and up to today with public aquariums, dive into the world of Bernd Brunner.
192 pages , 22 x 14 x 1 cm.

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Fourth cover :

If men have kept fish in ponds and tanks since Antiquity, the invention of the aquarium in the 19th century represents a fundamental innovation. Simultaneously a scientific tool, a decorative element and an educational aid, the aquarium makes possible the reproduction of a complex biotope, the maintenance of a wide variety of species and their observation.

In this Illustrated History of the Aquarium, Bernd Brunner, renowned author of natural history works, retraces in a documented and accessible way the different stages of its creation and the technical, social and cultural circumstances which accompanied the rapid popularity of the aquarium. 'aquarium.

By settling in our homes, the aquarium has contributed not only to our well-being, but has played – and continues to do so – a determining role in the knowledge of nature and in the appropriation by all of environmental themes. .

Bernd Brunner is a well-known natural history author.
With this Illustrated History of the Aquarium, he acquired international fame: published in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan, the work was enthusiastically received.
Now finally adapted into French, this book with exceptional illustrations will convince all those interested in aquariums, oceanography and the history of natural sciences.

In summary :

  • secrets of the ocean
  • Cabinet of curiosities and other collections
  • Fish as pets
  • The pionneers
  • Philip Henry Gosse, promoter
  • The Forerunner Trade of William Alford Lloyd
  • From marine aquarium to freshwater
  • Arrival in the United States
  • The craze for exotic species
  • Types of aquariums
  • Public aquariums
  • The aquarium like a dream
  • Afterword - for a conservation aquarium


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