MAXSPECT - Nano Tech Bio-Sand - 5 kg

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Maxspect Nano Tech Bio-Sand is the ideal solution for any marine aquarium or African cichlids . This unique blend combines 1 kg of Nano-Tech Bio-Media ceramic and 4 kg of premium aragonite sand , creating an optimal environment for your aquatic creatures. Its porous structure promotes intense bacterial colonization , ensuring effective biological filtration, while the aragonite sand naturally stabilizes the pH around 8.2, essential for a healthy habitat.

  • Optimized bacterial surface for exceptional filtration.
  • Natural pH maintenance for a balanced environment.
  • Natural aesthetic that recreates the ambiance of a coral beach.

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The advantages and information of Nano Tech Bio-Sand

Maxspect - innovative products for aquariums

Superior biological filtration

Maxspect 's Nano Tech Bio-Sand incorporates an exceptional surface area of 2800 m² for bacterial development. This superior filtration capacity guarantees pure and healthy water, essential for the well-being of your fish and corals.

pH stability

Aragonite, the majority component of Bio-Sand, plays a crucial role in stabilizing the pH at 8.2. This constancy is vital for marine ecosystems, ensuring aquatic life flourishes in ideal conditions.

Aesthetics and functionality

This sand not only purifies water; it also beautifies your aquarium. Its coral beach appearance brings a touch of exoticism and naturalness, making your aquarium a true visual spectacle.

Built for durability

With Maxspect Nano Tech Bio-Sand you are investing in sustainability. Its prolonged effectiveness and reduced maintenance make it an economical and ecological choice for all aquarium enthusiasts.


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