TECO - 300w heater for Teco TK500 to TK2000

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300w heating for Teco TK500 to TK2000 cold unit.

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Air Conditioner Controller

TECOnnect is an essential tool for anyone who wants to keep the water temperature under control at all times and away from home.

Thanks to TECOnnect you will be able to control the cooler remotely , change settings and receive alarms from the thermostat. The TECOnnect module consists of an external magnetic box connected to the thermostat and equipped with a micro USB port.

The device will be supplied with the relative application and will allow you to interface with the refrigerator from Smartphone and tablet.

Here are some of the features of the TECOnnect app (available for Android and iOS):

  • Monitor water temperature
  • Adjust the water temperature
  • Going from °C to °F and vice versa
  • Receive alarms and thermostat settings
  • Receive an alarm when water temperature is outside user-defined range

Only for Wifi TK500 TK1000 TK2000 models.


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