AQUAVIE - ICE 1200 - Cold unit for aquarium up to 1200l

The Aquavie Ice 1200 chiller keeps your aquarium at a stable temperature of up to 1200 liters during hot weather.

It lowers the temperature by 10 degrees for a 700 liter aquarium and up to 5 degrees for a 1200 liter aquarium .

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The chiller represents a significant step forward in cooling an aquarium by offering the latest technology in an economical way by choosing the appropriate model from the AQUAVIE ICE range.

Fitted with a high-quality pure titanium heat exchanger, these appliances have the advantage of having a particularly low sound level, lower than that of a household refrigerator.

AQUAVIE ICE refrigeration units have a robust frame with an ABS shell that does not fear rust and corrosion and fits perfectly into its environment of use.

Technical characteristics :

  • Dimensions L x W x H: 470 X 360 X 490 mm
  • Consumption: 375 Watts
  • Cooling Capacity: 790 Watts
  • Pump flow to be expected: 2000 l/h to 3000 l/h
  • Outlet / inlet diameter: Ø 19/25 mm


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